Business Matchmaking

2021 USHCC National Conference Business Matchmaking Event

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The 2021 USHCC’s National Conference Business Matchmaking provides a unique forum for Hispanic Business Enterprises (HBEs) to meet in-person and virtually to engage with supplier diversity and procurement officers from federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies, who collectively represent hundreds of millions of dollars in business contract opportunities. Last year thousands of unique appointments resulted from this event. These meetings provide an opportunity for buyers and sellers to discuss specific projects and capabilities.

Corporations, Federal Agencies, Small Businesses or “suppliers” can participate for FREE by registering to attend the 2021 USHCC National Conference in-person or virtually. However, if you don’t plan to attend the conference, and you plan to ONLY attend the Business Matchmaking event, please make sure to select on the conference registration form the attendee type “Business Matchmaking Event”, which will give you access to that specific event.

After registering, you will receive an email from Possible Missions that will allow you to build your seller’s or buyer’s profile.

For more information or help about Business Matchmaking, please contact Monica Garza, Special Projects Coordinator by email at

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